Naughty in NAWLINS
July 5 - 9, 2017


About Naughty in N'awlins

Naughty in N'awlins is the largest lifestyle convention for couples, in the world. With over 1,000 couples, this event is not only a full takeover of one of the French Quarter's biggest hotels, it takes over Bourbon St.

But you have to register to get into the hotel or any of the over 30 private parties during the convention. You can't book individual nights or get access to our seminars or private parties. It is a 3 or 4 night, full convention package, with so much entertainment, parties and fun, you will want to be there for the entire event.

See Full Schedule Here


Theme Nights

Every night has a special sexy "Theme Night" where you'll find erotic costumes, people bodypainted, sexy club wear, lingerie and of course, our famous Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball. This year we will also have a Steampunk Victorian Ball, a Beach Party and a White Night.


CLAsses & Workshops

We will have classes, seminars & workshops everyday which makes us the largest lifestyle education program in the world. We offer free classes on  Tantra, communication skills, BDSM, photography, massage and much more. There are also optional intensive workshops for an extra fee.


Bourbon St Parties

We take over most of Bourbon St's biggest clubs with Private Parties from noon till 6 pm every day. Join us at the Beach, Razoo, The Swamp, Bourbon Cowboy, the Famous Door, Fat Catz, Patrick's Wine Bar, Spirits,  Saints & Sinners and much more. You need to be registered to get in.



A packed schedule

The schedule will be updated up until the very day of the event and can be see here. You can even see the schedule on your smart phone and create an icon on your home screen so the Naughty schedule is always at the tip of your fingers.

Seminars, workshops, Bourbon St. Parties, nightly Themed balls, entertainment, there is a lot to do if you are going to get Naughty in N'awlins.


Our Playfloor

We take an entire floor of our hotel and turn it into over 20,000 sq ft of play space. We have group rooms, private rooms, a dark room, dungeons, a room for singles, women only, semi private rooms, a room for toys and sybians and much more.

All of our beds have waterproof covers and are cleaned by our staff in between uses with hospital grade sanitizer to ensure the cleanest, driest environment. We provide sensual music and lighting along with diffusers that make our rooms look and smell beautiful. You will never find any playrooms that live up to our high standards.




We have the most elaborate and well equipped dungeons in the industry. Not only do we offer world class seminars and workshops during the day, but the nights are filled with demonstrations and open play time so you can participate and be part of our Kinky couples play area. 

We were one of the first lifestyle events that successfully integrated BDSM into a lifestyle event. Our dungeons have grown over the years and now we have multiple spaces with lots of premium dungeon furniture, accessories and equipment to create the best scenes in the industry.


Everyone loves a parade

Naughty in N'awlins has the worlds biggest (and only) "Swinger's Pride Parade". This is a truly unique and amazing opportunity and is worth coming in early to experience.


Signs Matter

This isn't just a sexy, fun parade, it is a "Pride" parade where swingers can proudly proclaim their pride in being themselves in public along with lots of people that support their lifestyle. The signs are amazing and include "Proud Swinger", "Monogamy isn't natural", "We don't cheat", "Our Marriage Works", "We Support Sexual Freedom" and much more.

This is a true sexual freedom movement and we are proud to not only be a part, but be at the forefront by giving our attendees a platform where their voices can be heard.


Marching Band (and more...)

Our parade not only features over 1,000 swingers and supporters, but we also have a Police Escort, a Marching Band, a Dance Team, Mardi Gras Floats, Beads and Throws and much more.

The faces from the people walking on Bourbon St when our parade comes through is priceless. They are all wondering what parade is coming their way and when they see all of the sexy costumes, read the signs and see the sheer size of the parade, they are left in awe.


Be Part of History

By marching in our parade, you are not just having a ball, you are making history. You are part of a movement to further sexual freedom in this country. If you are concerned about being "seen" in our parade, you can wear a Mardi Gras mask so no one will know who you are.

Remember, you don't have to be a swinger to march in our parade, just a supporter of sexual freedom, which everyone should be able to support.

Theme Nights

See the new schedule below, there is a LOT going on at New Orleans during the day, but each night will always have a central erotic theme night. You don't have to get dressed up, but it is fun to get into the spirit and participate. You can be as tame or wild as you dare.


Theme Nights

Below are our four theme nights. You can dress up every night or do your own thing, either way, just have a good time and don't feel pressured. Remember, dress as daring as you like, but you have to be covered when you are out n the street. While flashing is allowed (and encouraged), you can't go topless (or especially bottomless) without getting into trouble.

Wednesday July 5th

White Night: Join us for our historic Sexual Freedom March in all white and we will parade down Bourbon Street and show our pride. We will have signs for you to customize so that you can carry your own message.

Sponsored by NCSF & the Woodhull Freedom Foundation

beach night.jpg

Friday July 7th

Beach Party: This will be a fun night for bikinis, bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, board shorts, sandals and anything that reminds you of being on the beach. 

Sponsored by Kasadie.com


Steampunk theme.jpg

Thursday July 6th

Victorian Steampunk Ball: This ball will be feature historical elements inspired by science fiction. This will be a truly unique ball with elaborate costumes and props. You can dress in Victorian pieces or go Mad Max and Burning Man if that is more your style. 

Sponsored by SDC.com

Mardi Gras Girl 2.jpg

Saturday July 8th

Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball: This is our signature event and a night you'll never forget. Wear a Mardi Gras mask, beads, purple, gold & green or any creative costume that is sexy or unique.

Sponsored by Couples Cruise




Naughty in N'awlins isn't just a bunch of parties, we bring in the top entertainers to entertain you each evening, giving you a world class event. Each night you can go to the main dance, or you can check out our amazing lineup of talented performers or do both.


Jen Porter

Jen is our favorite piano player and she brings pure sexiness to the stage with her incredible voice, but more importantly, she "get's us" and she loves to perform for our crowd. 

Her shows are interactive, fun, entertaining and the dirtiest piano bar show you will ever see. Ask her nicely and she might even get topless. 

Ask real nice and she'll tell you about the towel she is going to auction off at the end of the night. Trust us, this is not your neighborhood piano bar show. This is Jen Porter and she is AWESOME!

Brian Madrid

We have had many erotic hypnosis shows over the year and Brian is the best we have seen. He keeps the audience in stitches and every show is different, because it's an audience participation show.

Not only does Brian entertain us with his show, but he also teaches several hypnosis shows and he has private sessions for those looking to use hypnosis to quit smoking, deal with stress and help with sleeping issues. You can contact Brian at professionalhypnosis@gmail.com to book a session.

Dominatrix of Ditties

Traci's show combines real life experiences with her vast piano skills to create a hilarious show catered specifically for our event.

You will relate with her lifestyle journey and show you how funny it can be while checking out nudist, lifestyle and BDSM parties and resorts.

This show is always packed so make sure you come early to get a seat as it will be standing room only (in the back) once the seats fill up.



At naughty we offer over 60 different classes covering all the topics related to sex. We work hard year long to secure the best possible educators and curate a class schedule where everyone can find something to expand their experience at Naughty. We reflect on last years attendance and feedback and tune our schedule accordingly. 

Here are some of the educators we have signed up so far, with the total number of educators ending somewhere close to 25.


Our Featured Educator

Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes has been in the sex industry for 7 years and an unapologetic kinkster for as long as she can remember. As a lifestyle polyamorist and professional pornographer, she spends a lot of her time negotiating consent and constructing fantasies. The athletic physicality of porn has given her in-depth knowledge of how to be extreme in bed while still caring for your body and that of your partner. She is passionate about sharing her insight with more people so they can try their wildest on-screen fantasies at home.


Anal Like a Pornstar

They always make it look so easy in the movies!

This class will include a live demonstration of her pre-scene warmup method. There will also be time to ask questions and put hands on some of the toys and options in her anal toolkit.

The Art of Lapdance

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to give sexy stripteases! It’s all about a sexy attitude: at home or at a play party. In this hands-on dance class, you will learn a few easy stripper dance moves you need as well as tips on setting the mood to make a big impression.

JonGunnar gylfason

Headmaster of the Naughty School

Photgraphy & Bondage

Effy Blue

Play Party Etiquette

Den Temin

Everything you should know about sex, 12 classes.


Consent, Bisexuality Bias, Swinger, Open, Poly etc

David & Natalie


Andrew Sparksfire

How to throw a play party

kenneth play

Kinky PlayLab

Mark in Black.jpg

Taylor Sparks

Make Good a Pussy Better


Zhana Vrangalova, PhD

Sexual Fluidity: Heteroflexible, Bicurious, and Mostly Straight

Andre Shakti

Intro to fetish wrestling, Strap-on sex, fisting.


The Saint Hotel

This upscale boutique hotel is set 2 blocks from the main hotel on Bourbon Street and is the perfect place for those that can't attend 4 or more nights in New Orleans. We will have some special events, just for those staying at the Saint Hotel.

saint hotel.jpg

play naughty, Sleep Saintly

The motto of the Saint Hotel is "Play Naughty, Sleep Saintly", which is perfect for our attendees. From the moment you walk into the lobby, you will feel at home and ready to 

A typical room at the Saint Hotel

A typical room at the Saint Hotel

The Lobby

The lobby is a great place to meet people and mingle. Right off the lobby is our "Naughty Piano & Show Bar" with great entertainment nightly featuring comics, hypnotists, karaoke and hilarious piano entertainers.

A Suite at the Saint Hotel

A Suite at the Saint Hotel

Saint'ly Rooms

The eclectic, colorful rooms feature exposed brick walls, and come free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs with premium channels, marble bathrooms, and coffeemakers. Stylish suites add vaulted ceilings and sitting areas, and some come with glass-walled bathrooms and freestanding tubs.

The Burgundy Bar is a sexy bar that will be the perfect place to have nightly Meet & Greets to help you meet other attendees staying at the Saint Hotel.

The Burgundy Bar is a sexy bar that will be the perfect place to have nightly Meet & Greets to help you meet other attendees staying at the Saint Hotel.

Amenities include a casual restaurant offering local cuisine, as well as a chic jazz club that features Burlesque on Friday Night and a billiards room. 

Play pool or relax in the lobby

Play pool or relax in the lobby

The stylish lobby

The stylish lobby