Theme Nights

See the new schedule below, there is a LOT going on at New Orleans during the day, but each night will always have a central erotic theme night. You don't have to get dressed up, but it is fun to get into the spirit and participate. You can be as tame or wild as you dare.


Theme Nights

Below are our four theme nights. You can dress up every night or do your own thing, either way, just have a good time and don't feel pressured. Remember, dress as daring as you like, but you have to be covered when you are out n the street. While flashing is allowed (and encouraged), you can't go topless (or especially bottomless) without getting into trouble.

Wednesday July 25th

White Night: Join us for our historic Sexual Freedom March in all white and we will parade down Bourbon Street and show our pride. We will have signs for you to customize so that you can carry your own message.

Sponsored by NCSF & the Woodhull Freedom Foundation

beach night.jpg

Friday July 27th

Beach Party: This will be a fun night for bikinis, bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, board shorts, sandals and anything that reminds you of being on the beach. 

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Steampunk theme.jpg

Thursday July 26th

Victorian Steampunk Ball: This ball will be feature historical elements inspired by science fiction. This will be a truly unique ball with elaborate costumes and props. You can dress in Victorian pieces or go Mad Max and Burning Man if that is more your style. 

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Mardi Gras Girl 2.jpg

Saturday July 28th

Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball: This is our signature event and a night you'll never forget. Wear a Mardi Gras mask, beads, purple, gold & green or any creative costume that is sexy or unique.

Sponsored by Couples Cruise