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Couples Cruise is the leader in Clothing Optional, Adults Only, lifestyle cruises and a sister company to French Connection Events, producer "Naughty".

Couples Cruise charters large, full ship takeovers and books groups on some of the best ships in the world. We basically took our land based "Naughty Events" to sea, where you will find the same great staff, playrooms, seminars & workshops and entertainment.

If you like to get Naughty, come get Naughty with us at sea on the next Couples Cruise.


Sexiest Cruises at Sea

Don't take our word for it, a picture is worth a million words and our pictures speak volumes.

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Pool Parties Night & Day

Our Clothing Optional Pool parties are amazing during the day, but they really shine at night.


Theme Nights

Do you like to dress up? Do you like Fantasy Fest or Mardi Gras? Then a Couples Cruise is perfect for you.