Educators Profile: Den Temin

Den Temin is a passionate Toronto sexologist, board certified by the American College of Sexologists with over 15 years of experience in the fields of gender and human sexuality. Not a newbie in the community Den specializes in teaching seminars & workshops catered specifically to lifestyle couples. Den has participated as the official sexologist in more than 20 lifestyle cruises, and conventions in the USA, Canada, Latin-America, & Europe.

den Temin.jpg

Thoroughly enjoying to teach mind blowing orgasmic knowledge the internationally acclaimed sexual workshops Den offers are unique, innovative, and adventurous. This naughty sexologist will be by your side giving you personalized attention, teaching you in a very hands-on manner** ensuring that you successfully learn new sexual techniques and positions, as well as communication strategies to close the deal with other couples, overcome performance anxiety, and deal with jealousy.

With a deep desire to transform taboos & stigma to sexual self-empowerment, Den has started a pleasure revolution to change the world one orgasm at a time. Believing that intimacy, vulnerability, and pleasure are transformative Den’s life mission is to share knowledge, as well as connect to people with honesty and authenticity. Den is the founder of Sexplore with Den Temin, an organization that is a catalyst for change dedicated to creating holistic, and healthier sex-positive spaces that support sexual self-empowerment. We work within a sexual justice framework where we recognize that everyone carries within them lived experiences, identities, and knowledge that makes each journey unique.

Within Sexplore, Den facilitates sexual education workshops, develops sexuality continuing education programs for professionals, and provides sexual counseling in a clinical sexology setting. All of our services are centered on your needs where we provide both ready-made, and custom tailored workshop & private sessions. Education & Work Den graduated from Concordia University with a Baccalaureate of Arts in Journalism as well as a specialization in Sexual Anthropology.

Den is also a gender specialist with a Master of Arts degree in Gender and Peace Building that they received from the United Nations mandated University for Peace. Continuing their studies in the field of human sexuality, Den holds a post graduate diploma in Sex Therapy from Guelph University and received board certification from the American College of Sexologists. Den’s research and work are focused on Sexploring the ways in which we experience intimacy, connection, authentic vulnerability, desire, and pleasure.

Den’s work experience has ranged from doing work in the United Nations, teaching healthcare providers, lecturing in universities, developing training material for peacekeeping operations, facilitating sexuality workshops, to seeing clients in their private clinical sexology practice. During your naughty times in N’awlins Den will be teaching sexual workshops, as well as offering private sexology sessions. For a detailed description of each class, information on cost, and to register please go to 

**I don’t think you can even imagine what I mean by this so just ask around until you find a couple that has been in my workshops, I’m sure they will be happy to tell you what very hands-on means!

Den's classes.

Her classes are listed at: 

Sex Toy Review: FemmeFunn's Rock

Hey, kinky people. I'm back with another review. After a recent turn of wonderful events, you can now find me at the amazing place that has been providing these products- Le Sex Shoppe! 

Lucky for me, I now have the opportunity to oversee inventory and personally choose items that I think you'd really love. 

One of these items is FemmeFunn's Rock.  

Working in a sex shop and being a user of all sorts of sex products, rechargeable vibrators can get pretty pricey. Brands like Lelo and JimmyJane can cost you well over a hundred bucks. These products are known for their durability and customer satisfaction but if you're just getting started on your toy journey, paying that much for a product is hard to do. Especially when you aren't sure you will like that product. 

The need for an affordable, high-end vibrator became a journey of mine and led me to the discovery of FemmeFunn. Aside from their really attractive packaging, FemmeFunn offers a range of rechargeable vibrators. Most of them are between 45 to 150 in price. I was able to try the Rock, a mini device comparable to the ever-so-popular Magic Wand. The Rock is waterproof, rechargeable and will hold that charge for a little over two hours. Here are some of the things I found: 



As previously discussed, I'm not a really a clit girl. What I mean by that is that traditional external vibrators rarely do anything for me. They feel pleasurable, but can rarely bring me to orgasm. I was surprised to find that I really REALLY enjoyed the Rock. The Rock is small and discreet. Honestly, it looks like a microphone. When it's laying around the house, I don't think anyone would really guess that it is a vibrator. It works essentially the same as the Magic Wand. The round end vibrates at 7 different modes. The vibration itself is powerful considering its small size. My partner and I decided to get freaky after she bound my arms and legs with some rope courtesy of Happy Kitten and from there she used the Rock to stimulate my clit. 

The Rock gets the job done. The vibrational speeds are fun and the silicone feel is smooth but sturdy. It had been a very long time since I had been so happy and fulfilled with an external vibrator. 

I was so happy, in fact, that I found myself using it in masturbation as well. The Rock is also great to stimulate nipples and other intimate areas of the body.  

The Rock cost 80$ which is half the price of the Magic Wand. SUPER AFFORDABLE for a rechargeable vibrator.  It is also very easy to operate. To turn on the Rock, you simply hold the power button down until the light comes on. Once the light is on, a click to the plus sign will bring it through the different modes. To turn off, you hold the power button down once more. Pretty self explanatory compared to some vibrators. 



I honestly don't even know what I would say negative about this product which is strange because, like I said, it wouldn't be a product I would normally buy. Using the Rock made me want to open my mind to other external vibrators that I would normally say no to. I guess if there's anything bad to say about the Rock it's that the only color it comes in is pink and, currently, it is only available in stores. That means no online purchasing unfortunately. There is also not a year warranty on the Rock but other FemmeFunn products have one. 


Le Sex Shoppe does carry this product in store as well as other FemmeFun toys. Stop by the shop, come say hi, and get your kink on!  


Educators Profile: Kenneth Play

Kenneth Play an international sex hacking expert/educator, former top fitness professional, and private celebrity fitness and sex-ed coach. As a sex hacker, He develops and teaches hacks to help people learn new ways to play and overcome challenges in the bedroom. With his accelerated learning approach and playful teaching style, he helps people gain sexual confidence, experience more pleasure, and cultivate deeper intimacy in record time. His teaching style has been described as a combination of Tim Ferriss, Martha Stewart, and Bruce Lee. He co-founded the globally-recognized intentional sex-positive community, Hacienda Villa; he teamed up with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova to work on The Casual Sex Project; he's been a featured presenter for the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) and New York University; and his projects have been featured in Playboy, New York Magazine, Elite Daily, Vice, Thrillist, Refinery 29, and Cosmopolitan.  He has devoted his life to empowering people through sex education, radical sexual self-expression, and community building. His mission is to bring hands-on sex education accessible to a mainstream audience. Find Kenneth as @KennethPlay on Pornhub, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Kenneth's classes.

The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Ways to Play

In this fun seminar, Kenneth will go over a comprehensive list of fifty red-hot things to try at least once in the bedroom (or car, party, closet, plane). And what better place to try new things than at Naughty in Nawlins? Excitement is high, curiosity is peaked, and pleasure is just around the corner! It’s time to unleash your inner sexual adventurer! In this class, you'll consult your “yes, no, maybes,” and reflect on past experiences to shine some light on areas that crave exploration. The best part? In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other potential play partners who want to explore the same things (wink, wink)! Let Kenneth give you some new, playful, and wild ideas of things to add to your sexual bucket list!


“Wow” Your New Lover: How to have Awesome Sex with a Brand New Partner

It’s fun and exciting to have new partners, but first-time hookups can be awkward. How do you get to know your new lover’s body quickly and make them feel amazing on the first try? Come learn the eight essential steps to an awesome first-time hookup! The class will cover the hookup process from beginning to end, from finding your partner to aftercare and beyond, rewriting the typical script to allow for an incredible experience right from the start. We’ll discuss how to navigate consent, how to learn about your new lover’s body in record time, how to communicate effectively before, during, and after sex, and how to play Kenneth Play’s #1 Best Sex Hack Game (“The Pleasure Loop”) to learn how to give and interpret pleasure feedback. We’ll even cover techniques to shorten the orgasm gap, giving the clitoris some limelight and empowering women to take charge of their hookup experience.


The Ultimate Toy Combo To Keep In Your Bedroom (live demo)

This class will reimagine what you think of when you hear the phrase “power couple.” Come to this hands-on live demonstration and let Kenneth play show you how to use the two most powerful sex toys, the Vibratex Magic Wand and NJoy Pure Wand, together to blow your mind in bed! Don’t have your own “Power Couple”? Kenneth will be providing the toys for this workshop, so just bring your curious, sexy selves, and learn the sex hacks for making the most out of this dynamic duo. The techniques in class can be applied to both men and women, from G-spot and clit stimulation to prostate play and cock vibration.


Female Pleasure Hacking: Sex Tips & Tricks Every Woman Wished Her Lover Knew

This workshop is for all who want to try out new techniques for exploring female pleasure! Sex Hacking is the utilization of methods that minimize effort and maximize pleasure, using pro tips, simple tricks, and shortcuts to facilitate a deeper connection with your lover. This workshop will go over several different techniques, so you can find the ones that intrigue you and bring them back to the bedroom. Join Kenneth Play for this live demo, and learn how to apply these sex hacks to blow your lady lover’s mind!


Paid workshops (2 hours):

Kinky PlayLab for the Loving Couple

Are you bored with rose petals, candlelight and gentle penetration? Does the idea of getting your hair pulled or being tied up excite you or your lover? Do you want to take it to the next level, but feel like you’re too “nice” to get kinky? It’s time to take your sex life from “mild” to “wild”! This workshop is for the curious who want to explore their playful side in a nonjudgmental and nurturing space. Let Kenneth Play show you the ropes (and whips and floggers)! Join us for this playful and interactive workshop about how to unleash your primal passions in the bedroom.

In this 101 PlayLab, you’ll learn:

– how to design a kinky scene

– how to choose and use toys with confidence

– why and how to exchange in power play

– how to have fun and safe impact & bondage play

– how to give aftercare like a pro

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to spice things up in the bedroom!

Educators Profile: Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, RN, DHS, ACS

Keeping intimacy hot & spicy for the long haul is Dr. Nancy’s professional and personal passion. Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce has an eclectic background, which places her expertise in a league of its own. The compilation of her career as a registered nurse, health educator, sex & relationship author, radio talk show host, and yoga therapist fuels her passion as an International speaker, sensuality educator, and Exotic Lifestyle Retreat CEO. Designer Sexuality, Intimacy Communication, Sensual Movement and Exotic ~ Erotic Lifestyle Coaching; all fall under her umbrella of Conscious Living SexualityTM. “My most rewarding work is teaching about Designer Relationships & Sexuality, Intimacy Communication, The Art of Sensual Touch, and Erotic ~ Exotic Lifestyle Retreat Experiences. Watching men and women wake up to their full sexual energy is like watching a sunrise – you never tire of the natural beauty and they are all unique”.

When not traveling the globe inspiring others, Dr. Nan enjoys being able to return to her Northern California home with the love of her life for over 30 years, Dr. Mark Pierce. Together they have raised three children into adulthood and now bask in what she refers to as “the dessert of parenting”, being grandparents to three amazing little girls. She is well loved and respected in her community and abroad as a healer, educator and valuable resource.

Earning her Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco has broadened her reach around the globe. In the last year alone she has travelled to China (three times), Mexico, Jamaica, San Francisco, & Los Angeles teaching Conscious Living Sexuality. You can experience a sampling of her Conscious Living Sexuality & Sensual Yoga Retreat on the Kendra On Top Show (Season 4, Episode 12).

Dr. Nan is a frequent contributor for, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and several on line blogs for www.NancySuttonPierce, and She is a featured Sexologist for and is the Star of Nearly Naked Yoga on her The Sex Host Dr YouTube channel. You can hear her live radio show every Saturday (The Conscious Living Show) as well as download the podcasts via iTunes.

A note from Dr. Nancy:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’d like to share my story with you.

Since earning my degree in nursing in the 1980’s I’ve worked in many areas of health care; Oncology, Medical & Surgical, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, Out-patient diabetes care, and my favorite area of hospital nursing, Obstetrics. I have alwaysbeen passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives in any way possible. My career has spanned over 30 years and has transitioned from hospital nursing to outpatient care, then to a holistic approach through yoga as therapy in my own Conscious Living Yoga Studio, health education and now to the field of Sexology.

As a health educator, I have used many media outlets to impart my knowledge and unique perspective of self-responsibility and ownership of the design of our lives. This has led me to write for numerous publications, create my own popular blogs and become a radio talk show host of my own weekly program, The Conscious Living Show. I’m always learning and sharing what I learn – this is what fuels my passions.

In 2010 I was exploring my curiosity about the difference between erotica and pornography; From a woman’s perspective. So, I teamed up with a film producer and we created the first Erotic Film Festival for women and the men who adore them (Erotikos). We included full feature films, shorts, documentaries and music videos. All films were chosen by me for entry since I wanted this to reflect a woman’s perspective of erotica. The films chosen represented 13 countries and more than half were from women. Zalman King, The King of Erotica, called us personally and was the first to submit a film. Sadly, he passed away seven months before our festival, where he and his life’s body of work were honored. His final film, Pleasure & Pain, won for Best Picture.

The resulting serendipity was the relationships spawned from the Film festival, and those who would continue to influence my life and direction of my career. The primary person of influence was and continues to be, Dr. Ava Cadell. After a brief meeting, we knew we were kindred spirits and she graciously agreed to be a judge for Erotikos. Dr. Ava turned me on to the world of Clinical Sexology. She has since mentored my professional course and was instrumental in opening the door for me to earn my Doctorate in Human Sexuality. I now have the privilege of working with Dr. Ava on many projects and have travelled with her as an assistant and colleague... both of which are a delight and an honor.

The professional field of Clinical Sexology is the perfect arena to utilize all areas of my expertise, with the added spice of a comprehensive understanding of our sexuality. As a holistic practitioner, I’m highly aware of the influential factors that either support or degrade our sexual fulfillment and freedom of expression. My education has created a more compassionate, non-judgmental perspective of sexual proclivities and an even greater fascination for the wide spectrum of possibilities for humans to experience. I passionately bring this wisdom into my seminars, destination retreats, writing, counseling and my personal relationships.

“An Open-Mind Is a Free-Mind.”

Traveling the world sharing my passion for passion is the best of all worlds for me. I am curious, interested and motivated to be a part of positive change. Witnessing people awaken to their inner fire is what drives me to globalize Conscious Living SexualityTM. I appreciate the opportunity to help make shift happen. Audiences leave my seminars with a renewed energy for living their authentic lives with a more compassionate, loving, (yet spicy and fun), appreciation of their sexual personality and interpersonal relationships.

Keeping Life Spicy,



Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Associate in Sex Education January 2015.

Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Clinical Sexologist June 2015.

Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Doctorate in Human Sexuality October 2015.

iRest Level I Certification, Richard Miller, PhD Yoga based program for Pain Management & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Treatment November 2009

Structural Yoga Therapy Certification, Mukunda Stiles, Pasadena, CA 750 Hours; Yoga as an alternative to traditional physical therapy June 2005

Iyengar Institute in San Francisco, CA- 100 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher December 2002

State Of California Board of Nursing – Certified Diabetes Nurse Specialist June 1987

Shasta College Redding, Ca – Degree in Registered Nursing Licensed in California as a Registered Nurse since June 1983

Educators Profile

Dragonfly is a Somatic Trained Sexologist, Intimacy Coach, CSB, Somatica Practitioner and Pleasure Advocate. Working with individuals, couples, and groups; She focuses on facilitating a deeper exploration of self-acceptance, true mindfulness, breath work, touch, and erotic expression. She encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, emphasizing experiential learning through consciousness, self-connection, and ecstatic, energizing movement to deepen your erotic capacity. She is a sex-positive advocate recognizing that sexual well-being is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

CSB (Certified Sexological Bodyworker™) from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and trained in The Somatica Method® from the Somatica Institute. With ongoing workshops and developmental trainings to bring you the most advanced techniques and tools.

Dragonfly also host a world wide audio podcast talking about love, relationships, and sex in a fun, naughty “edu-tainment” way.

Personal note from Daragonfly:
I understand how difficult the process of truly finding yourself can be, having experienced the all-too-common feelings of shame, fear, and insecurity in relationships ranging from platonic to intimate and sexual. Through my own life journey, coupled with formal education and personal research, I’m uniquely qualified to guide others through sexual difficulties, past sensual repression, and relationship challenges, especially as they relate to enjoying the pleasure and satisfaction of fully engaging with yourself—and others. Creating a more sensual erotic embodied you!
Sensual and sexual discovery is an ongoing journey for all of us, I look forward to walking beside you as we continue on this exciting and rewarding path.

*so·mat·ic /səˈmadik/ adjective 1. of or relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

Educators profile: Andre Shakti

Andre Shakti is a journalist, educator, producer, activist, and professional slut devoted to normalizing alternative desires, de­stigmatizing sex workers and their clients, and not taking herself too seriously. She wrestles mediocre white men into submission and writes intersectionally about sex work, queerness, consent politics and non­monogamy for Cosmopolitan, Harlot, MEL, Thrillist, and more. She can frequently be found marathoning Law & Order: SVU under a chaotic pile of partners and pitbulls, and yes, she knows how problematic that show is.
@andreshakti (Twitter) (NSFW)

Education and Work

Andre graduated cum laude from Towson University in Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and LGBT Studies in 2010. She worked in HIV risk assessment, harm reduction education, and community activism in Baltimore from 2008­2011, studied at San Francisco State University’s National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) in 2010, and graduated from San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI)’s Sex Educator Training in Fall 2013. She’s held educator and sales associate positions at sex­positive adult boutiques Sugar (Baltimore, MD) and Feelmore510 (Oakland, CA), and is one of the founders of Atlanta’s Sex Down South Conference in Atlanta, GA. She writes a bi­monthly polyamorous advice column and is currently working on an anthology of short autobiographical stories about her experiences in the sex industry.

Andre is available to speak as a panelist or lecturer on her experiences as an adult performer,  sex worker, queer cisgender woman, non­monogamous relationship expert, and accomplished member of the Kink/BDSM community. She is also available to facilitate a number of panels or workshops at your next conference or event, no matter how big or small, and can tailor those to accommodate any audience. Want a unique educational experience NOT listed on her teaching letter? Just ask!

Andre has taught classes, moderated panels, and filmed instructional clips for Dark Odyssey, Catalyst Con, Sugar, The Garden, PassionateU, Kink Academy, Feelmore510, Towson University, Kink University, University of Maryland, UC Berkeley, The Feminist Porn Conference,  international Ms Leather, Sex Down South, and many more.

Classes at Naughty

Fisting & Manual Sex (Beginner/Intermediate Vaginal Fisting, G­Spotting, & Fingering):
iscover why one hand is better than none, and two hands are better than one! Manual sex aficionado Andre Shakti is ready to knuckle up and show you how to experiment safely with the best sex toys we come equipped with: our fingers! In this class we’ll cover internal and external anatomy, negotiation and communication, as well as a multitude of variations and techniques. You’ll never look at hands the same way again!

Savvy Strap­On Seduction (Strap­On Sex 101):
Harnesses and dildos are sold to women who fuck women, men who fuck men, women who fuck men, men who fuck women and not to mention transgender folks of all orientations and expressions. People strap it on for a variety of reasons, some of which are: because it feels good, because playing with power dynamics is sexy, for double penetration, for variety in gender expression, for variety in cock size, shape, and color possibilities, because it looks hot, to have a permanent hard­on, and because watching your partner bob their head up and down on your cock is pretty awesome no matter what sex organs you were born with!
Andre Shakti is the queen of cock confidence, and whether you’re a strap­on novice or a longtime aficionado, she’s ready to up your erotic ante!

Groping and Grappling (Intro to Fetish Wrestling):
Were you a little TOO interested in WWE specials as a child? Do you now find yourself fixated by sweaty, writhing bodies at the gym, secretly hoping thighs of steel will suddenly materialize around your neck? Perhaps you're turned on by playing with power dynamics, and are looking for a new way to exchange that switchy energy with a partner? In any event, fetish wrestling may be the kink you're looking for! Join sensual grappling aficionado Andre Shakti as she teaches you the basics of getting hot and heavy on a wrestling mat. You'll learn how to keep yourself and your partner safe, acquire a handful of both offensive and defensive technical skills, and get introduced to a number of sexy, competitive "games" to incorporate into the fun!

Educators Profile: Taylor Sparks

Taylor Sparks is a driving force in creating opportunities and valuable resources for the open lifestyle community. Amongst many things, Taylor is a passionate erotic educator, certified in both holistic aromatherapy and human behavior. 

With over a decade of experience in the natural skin care/cosmetics industry, Ms. Sparks launched, a site that offers organic, natural and eco-friendly sensual body pleasures.

As a leading facilitator in the adult travel industry for many years, Taylor has served as an Experience Advisor for thousands of international travelers, bringing joy and happiness to all she encounters. Taylor remains passionate about bringing people to new destinations and providing opportunities for amazing open living experiences.

While traveling around the globe, Taylor has become renowned in the adult travel industry and is a powerful public speaker both nationally and internationally. Her workshop series entitled,” How To Make Good Pussy, Better”, is extremely popular and focuses on the benefits of organic lubricants, vegan condoms, and Liberator sex pillows. 

An active and accomplished blogger, her online offerings can be found on her Green Fitness and Organic Loven Blogs, as well as guest blogs for the Organic Body Care, Open Lifestyle, and Fitness industries. Ms. Sparks is also a published author; her most recent book entitled What's A Girl To Do In A Big City if She Can't Dance? When Stripping is Not an Option!
Social and environmentally conscious and a strong supporter in all things organic, natural and eco-friendly...including Love. 

Give as much love as you want to receive, be it monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous, straight, bi, gay or transgender. Just...LOVE: Organically, Purely, Deeply, Naturally, Boldly

Erotic (Educational) Seminars

Taylor Sparks classes 

How To Make Good Pussy, Better

This fun hands-on, 'bodies-on', and informative seminar covers the dangers of conventional condoms, lubricants and non-medical grade sex toys. Learn how sex can be safer and more fun using vegan and organic brands as well as what ingredients should never, ever enter the 'precious petals'.  The fun really takes off with a live demo of our top selling Liberator sex pillows and shapes.  Learn how to take your sex life to new depths with angles that make sex more comfortable for one, two or three people at a time! All participants leave with free samples and discount coupons for future purchase via

Spanking For Lovers. Your Ass Or Mine?

If you've ever wondered why you like slapping your woman on the behind as she walks by, as she's doing the dishes, as she gets out of bed and during may be a spankophile!  If taking a strap or paddle to your man's naked behind and chastising him for not 'doing as he was told', makes your juices may be a spankophile!  In this fun interactive seminar based on the very popular book, Spanking For Lovers, we cover the culture, anatomy and positions of spanking!  Yes, its BYOB (bring your own behind)!

Educators profile: John and Jackie Melfi

John and Jackie Melfi are in a swinging/open relationship. Together, they are the driving force behind some of the most well-known swingers clubs,, in the world and are also the founders and writers of the award winning lifestyle blog, Jackie is a Huffington Post contributor as well as a guest blogger on sites such as and Her first book was recently launched, 'Swingers Lifestyle, The Questions You Are Afraid to Ask', of which she will be doing book signings through out the Naughty in Nawlins week. The couple was featured in the ABC News Nightline special report, “Getting ‘Naughty in N’Awlins’: Inside a New Orleans Swingers Convention” and have been guests on numerous radio programs including Playboy Radio, and The Kyle and Jackie O Show. The Melfi’s have also been featured in The Dailymail, Reveal Magazine and The Mirror. In addition to hosting seminars on the swinging lifestyle, Jackie and John coach couples on the lifestyle and blog weekly on the topic.

Jackie and John live in Dallas and frequently make trips to New Orleans and Houston where their two other clubs are located. There mission is to inform, educate and provide conversation for anyone interested in a more open relationship with their partner and to further foster a community of open minded, sexually motivated adults who want to experiment in love and sex!

About the Book

This Q&A is like nothing you have ever seen before. A subject that is treated as  “taboo” in public discourse is laid bare in Swinger’s Lifestyle. Everything you have heard and thought about swinging will be questioned as you read author Jackie Melfi’s unapologetic and downright honest accounts of her swinging experiences in her reader responses. Her sincerity is refreshing and her viewpoint is straight from the heart.

Jackie puts careful consideration into each reader question. Her answers, advice and responses provide her readers with new insights, and her words emanate genuine warmth and concern, which is undoubtedly why her readers trust her with their most intimate secrets, passions and fears. You will find yourself wanting to know more about the swinging lifestyle and about the author herself.  Even if you are not part of the swinging community, you will find that Jackie’s answers and commentary traverse all relationship models and at their core, apply to any relationship.

Educators profile: Mark Casey

Over the last 20 years, Mark has done extensive study in the fields of consciousness,  love, tantra and sexual yoga.  He has studied with many extraordinary teachers, including Ken Wilber, David Deida, Nicole Daedone, Arjuna & Chameli Ardagh,  Juliana Dahl, Deborah Anapol,  the late Robert Frey, Tony Robbins, Byron Katie and Deepak Chopra. His practice has been enriched and informedby Neo Tantra traditions, Daoist sexual energetic practices,  spiritual sexual teachings of theQuodouska, Orgasmic Meditation  and relationship/intimacy workshops sponsored by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI).  Fromthese many years of study and practice, Mark has developed his ownunique approach to teaching the art of erotic loving through personal transformation.

Mark’s background is eclectic, having founded and operating several successful service-providing companies.   Following service the U.S. Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, he completed graduate studies at the University of Virginia.    For over a dozen years,  he worked in partnership withDavid Neenan, who has made the philosophical principles of Buckminster Fuller accessible and understandable to many thousands.  While working with The Neenan Company, Mark was trained and certified as a Transformational Coach by Fred Kofman, PhD,  author of “Conscious Business”  and “Metamangagement,” and founding member of the business branch of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute.

He has received advanced meditation instruction through Reggie Ray ofDharma Ocean  and Frank Berliner, author of “Bravery:  Living the Buddha Within You.”    He has served as a faculty member and coach in the Naropa University AuthenticLeadership Program. He received Tantra Teacher Training through Shawn Roop of

Mark is father to a son and daughter who have been two of his most profound teachers.    He lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Living Your Erotic Potential

My mission is simple; I am here to help you live your Erotic Potential as the foundation of a happy, fulfilling life.    To do that, you will likely need to move beyond some of the conditioning you have received around sex and relationship.    I am here to support you as a coach on this journey.

Sex is tragically misunderstood in our society.  We get contradictory advice (often unsolicited) from family, teachers, religious institutions, and even well-meaning therapist who are dealing with their own shame around sex.   Despite all of the mixed messages we get, sex is wonderfully good, and offers the promise of improving all aspects of human life.    

Fortunately, for us as individuals and couples, a new day is dawning. The purpose of this class is to affirm the essential goodness of sex and to provide you,  a map and set of tools for living your erotic potential to its fullest.

This class is for:

  • The couple who want to take expand, renew and intensify their erotic relating.
  • The man or woman who is in a relationship and want to bring more passion, joy and wildness into their intimate connection.
  • The person who is single by choice and wants to attract lovers or a partner.
  • The person who has recently become single, not by choice, and is ready to take her/his erotic life to the next level.

Come join us in a celebration or your sexuality and learn how to live your full erotic potential.

For more info visit

Educators Profile: Zhana Vrangalova, PhD

Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, is a NYC-based sex researcher who studies casual sex, nonmonogamy, and sexual orientation. She holds a PhD in developmental psychology from Cornell University, and currently teaches human sexuality-related courses as an adjunct professor at New York University. Her scholarly work has been published in a number of academic journals, and she is also passionate about bringing accurate scientific information to the general audience.  In working to disseminate sexual science to broader audiences, she also writes about sexuality for popular media (for e.g., PlayboyAlternetNY Daily NewsTeen VoguePsychology Today), tweets daily about new sex research, runs the Casual Sex Project (a place for people to share their true hookup stories), and does a weekly sex education show using the live video streaming platforms Periscope and Facebook Live. She is currently working on a book about the science of healthy hookups.

Class Descriptions

Zhana Solo Classes (Free 60-minute lectures)


Play Parties: New Research on Who Attends and What Happens

Anecdotal evidence aside, very little is known about the people who attend play parties and what happens at these events. Last year, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova (NYU) and Dr. Brooke Wells (Widener University) decided to change that. Between April and December 2015, they collected online survey data from over 1,300 U.S. residents who had attended at least one play party (defined as a gathering of 6 or more where people openly engaged in sexual or kinky activities) in the past year. In this presentation, Dr. Zhana will share their findings on the demographic characteristics, psychological and relationship well-being, and sexual health of people who go to play parties as well as the sexual behaviors, condom use, substance use, and sexual consent experiences that occur at play parties.


Playing It Safer: Navigating Sexual Health when Having Multiple Partners

Most people think that monogamy is a safer option than nonmonogamy when it comes to protecting their sexual health. While that would be true in theory, it’s not necessarily true in practice. Research finds that people in consensually nonmonogamous relationships have similar rates of STIs as those in monogamous relationships - because not all supposedly monogamous people are faithful to their partners, and when they are, they are less likely to follow safer sex protocols. Indeed, people who are at at high risk for sexual and reproductive health outcomes due to their sexual behaviors (porn stars, sex workers, people in certain types of CNM relationships), often are particularly vigilant about and develop strict safer sex protocols to minimize these risks. But what exactly should be your safer sex protocol?


Sexual Fluidity: Heteroflexible, Bicurious, and Mostly Straight

The largest nonheterosexual group out is not gays, lesbians, or bisexuals. It’s the “mostly straights” – those with a slight degree of same-sex interests who are not exclusively straight, but not same-sex oriented ‘enough’ to consider themselves or to be considered by others as bisexual. Who are they and how do they differ from both exclusive heterosexuals and more substantial bisexuals in their sexual orientation profile, personality characteristics, life experiences, attitudes toward sexuality, and health outcomes and behaviors? In this class, we will summarize the research on people who identify as mostly straight, bicurious, or heteroflexible and discuss ways in which this new knowledge influences how we talk and think about sexual orientation in research, theory, practice, and our daily lives.


10 Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Hookups

From a Tinder swipe to a drunken hookup, there has never been a time in recent history when casual sex was more prevalent, accepted, and easily available. It is, therefore, imperative to arm ourselves with the right information and skills, backed by #LegitSexScience, to make smarter decisions about casual sex. Everyone deserves a healthy and authentic sex life where they feel empowered and self-expressed. In this course, Dr. Zhana uses empirical research of casual sex as well as the science of sex itself to teach people about healthier casual hookup practices and learn the scientific evidence that says casual sex might be good for you. Come learn how to find authenticity in casual hookups, choose your safer sex protocol, negotiate consent, design sustainable long-term relationships with casual sex, manage social stigma, and most importantly, give and receive pleasure!


Combined Free Lecture with Zhana and Kenneth (1 hr)

Our Featured Educators Profile: Riley Reyes.

Riley Reyes has been in the sex industry for 7 years and an unapologetic kinkster for as long as she can remember. As a lifestyle polyamorist and professional pornographer, she spends a lot of her time negotiating consent and constructing fantasies. The athletic physicality of porn has given her in-depth knowledge of how to be extreme in bed while still caring for your body and that of your partner. She is passionate about sharing her insight with more people so they can try their wildest on-screen fantasies at home.

Classes offered by Riley

Anal Like a Pornstar

They always make it look so easy in the movies!

New or experienced, top or bottom… Come explore the joys of buttsex with Riley Reyes, adult actress and polyamorous lifestyle switch. Whether you are just getting started with anal, or looking to stretch those limits, this class will help you out with everything butt! The workshop will start with the basics of anal: preparation, warmup, and safety. Then we will go into detail on anal toys, ideal positions, types of stimulation, and how to train yourself to take even more. 

This class will include a live demonstration of her pre-scene warmup method. There will also be time to ask questions and put hands on some of the toys and options in her anal toolkit.

Riley Reyes has been an adult performer for 3 years and an unapologetic kinkster for as long as she can remember. As a pornographic actress, she gives and receives anal frequently, and is familiar with a breadth of techniques and pitfalls. She is passionate about helping demystify the acts portrayed on screen, so that people can enjoy them in their bedrooms at home.

The Art of Lapdance

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to give sexy stripteases! It’s all about a sexy attitude: at home or at a play party. In this hands-on dance class, you will learn a few easy stripper dance moves you need as well as tips on setting the mood to make a big impression.

Class size is limited. Come with in clothes you can move around in comfortably, or take the class in a bikini or bra/panty.

Riley Reyes is a lifestyle polyamorist who has been an adult performer for 3 years and was a stripper for 4 years before that. She has incorporated her sensuous dancing techniques in her personal life to great effect, and wants to empower others to do the same.

Educators profile: David Roeltgen MD


David Roeltgen received his MD from Tufts, with additional training  in Medicine at York Hospital and Neurology at Hershey, Penn State. Interested in brain and behavior in all of its facets, he currently practices General Neurology in Southern New Jersey with special emphasis on dementia and headache and is Board Certified in the latter. He and his wife of 44 years, Meg, both graduated from Penn with college degrees and, as expected from a liberal arts program, a certain amount of life skills. However, advanced training at York and Hershey provided them with some background in the lifestyle and now with Couples Cruises they are working on their advanced degrees, trying to prove one is never too old to learn.

Classes Offered by David Roeltgen

Title: Sex and Migraine, what are the connections? OR Migraine may disrupt sex, but does it actually make sex better?

Since migraine occurs in over 20% of women of childbearing age, many of you have probably had a headache ruin a romantic day or evening. Perhaps you have even heard or personally uttered that dreadful sentence, “not tonight dear, I have a headache”.  If you or any one you know suffers from this malady, this seminar is designed for you.

 This seminar is designed to:

1.  Review ways that migraine can be disruptive to life (episodic blues and disinterest to full blown migraines, including coital headache).

2.  Cover some general (non-medical methods of avoiding them

3.  Discuss the theory that migraine and its associated hypersensitization make people with the genetic predisposition to migraine better lovers through increase arousal and empathy.

Edicators Profile - Tric & Monee, "The Electrics"

Tric & Monee, "The Electrics", own Living Sexy Radio, with the popular show Connections, which is a nightly funny sexy relationship show heard on AM & FM radio in Florida. They also own, a worldwide dating/swinging web site with 50,000 members in the US and over 300,000 worldwide. Tric is a renowned educator in the swing and BDSM communities specializing in electro sex. Tric is an RF engineer and knows electricity.  Monee is an international swimsuit and fetish model who recently released her 2017 Chocolate Freedom Wall Calendar. They are both experienced in the Swinging and BDSM lifestyle and love sharing their knowledge and experience with other couples wanting to enhance their relationship.


Electric Classes at Naughty

1. Electro Sex - Introduction

Tric and his partner Monee will teach you how to have Electro Sex. You will learn about power boxes, wire leads, polarity, and settings. You will see how to connect you and your partner. Learn about electrodes you can stick to your skin, insert into your vagina or anus, or attach to your cock and balls.  You will learn about how the body flows electrical current to enhance men's rock hard erections that will stay hard during intercourse without the use of drugs. Women will learn how to sustain continuous orgasms and cum harder and deeper than ever imagined possible. This is a hands on demonstration and a good introduction to Electro Sex.
Every participant will receive a copy of Tric and Monee’s Electro Sex Guide for couples - a $10 value.

2. Electro Sex - Get Connected

Tric and his partner Monee will take what you learned in the Introduction class and let participants feel how electricity flows though their own bodies.  You will get to use the electrodes, use the power boxes, and begin experiencing what turns you on.  This class is limited to the first 10 couples and will be conducted in the nude.  You will choose what to try and how far you want to go.  Participants will be connecting electricity to their own bodies and will be in control of the intensity at all times.  This is a hands on demonstration and is your next step into Electro Sex.

Every participant will receive a copy of Tric and Monee’s Electro Sex Guide for couples and one set of electrodes - a $20 value

3. Electro Sex - Couples Intensive

Tric and his partner Monee will be showing couples how to have Electro Sex together.  You will take what you’ve learned about your own body, power boxes, and electrodes and take it to the next level by connecting together with your partner.  This class is limited to the first 5 couples and will be conducted in the nude.  You will be invited to have sex with your partner and feel how you can “play your partner like an orchestra” to achieve incredible states of ecstasy and mind blowing orgasms.  Participants will be in control at all times with the guidance of Tric and Monee.  Each couple will get some personal 2 on 2 time with Tric and Monee. This is a hands on demonstration and will open your eyes to a whole new way of having sex.

Every participant will receive a copy of Tric and Monee’s Electro Sex Guide for couples, one set of electrodes, and 25% off a private session with Tric and Monee - up to a $150 value

We will also be making appointments for private sessions (limited availability).

4. BDSM Relationships - 50 Shades of Power Exchange

Tric and Monee with discuss Dom/Sub Master/Slave BDSM relationships and the power dynamic as well as how to include this power exchange in your relationships. You’ll find out how dominant or submissive you are with our special LIVE D/s quiz.

What You'll Learn:
How to make sense of the different worlds of BDSM (D&S, B&D, S&M)
How to understand the psychology and power dynamics of a D/s relationship
How to determine whether you're primarily dominant or submissive
How to clarify boundaries and play safely, including the proper use of safe words
How to introduce an inexperienced partner to D/s play
How to use D/s language and communication to boost the intensity of your connection
How to decide whether to go public or semi-public with your lifestyle or keep it private
How to transform a vanilla relationship into an intense D/s-based one
How to affirm your special relationship with collars, tattoos, and more


5. Building Your Own Playroom

Many couples have an “extra” room in their home that they could make into a fun play space. Tric & Monee have all the details on how to create this space in your home, how to secure it, how to design it so that it creates a zen space, and what elements you need to make it the perfect place to play, get naked together, and invite couples over to really have some fun.
Bring your imagination and an idea of the space you'd like to transform.
Leave with a great plan to take home.


6. Sex Magic

Tric and Monee will conduct a group Sex Magic Class.  We will show you how to “manifest” what you want and need in your life through sex and orgasm.  Everyone in the class will be able to set boundaries and work with their desired partner, however, this is a group class and everyone will have the opportunity to work with others in the group with mutual consent.

This class is limited to the first 5 couples.  We will be conducting a beautiful eastern tantric ritual that is designed to take the incredible power of sex and orgasm and focus this power.  We will be using candles, incense, oils, massage, energy breathing, flowing energy through chakras, and tantric bi-aural music to achieve orgasmic edging, become multi-orgasmic, and bring your partner to the heights of ecstasy. This class will be conducted in the nude.

Every participant will receive a wonderful package of lubricants, incense, and a suitable for framing Sex Magick Guide created by Tric and Monee specifically for this event - a $50 value


A very limited number of private Sex Magick sessions with Tric and Monee will be available.

Educators profile: Andrew Sparksfire

Andrew Sparksfire

Andrew Sparksfire is an entrepreneur, investor, and activist. He’s best known as the founder of Hacienda, a sex-positive community organization that welcomes all genders and all sexual orientations. Andrew started throwing sex parties at his house in Brooklyn seven years ago. The original guests invited more guests, their friends invited more friends, and eventually Andrew’s townhouse became a community center for sex positive culture in New York City. As a real estate investor, Andrew recognized that permanent living environments have great potential to change people’s lives – so, in 2014 he created Hacienda Villa, an intentional community in Brooklyn based on the same culture of consent and sex positivity that had been developed through Hacienda’s sex parties. In 2015, he opened Hacienda Maison, a sex-positive guest house in New Orleans with the same ethos. Finally, in 2016, he embarked on a role as an educator and activist, announcing that it was “time to take sex parties out of the closet”. He opened an educational venue called Hacienda Studio with the goal of promoting awareness around sex and alternative relationship structures, and now speaks around the country on the subject of sex positive culture and its role in everyday life.

Andrew Sparksfire at Naughty in N’awlins

Play Party Production

Have you ever wondered what it takes to host a successful sex party? Ever tried to host a sex party but couldn’t get things going? Or have you hosted a sex party but felt that some vital ingredient was somehow missing? You’re invited to Play Party Production, a new workshop hosted by Hacienda founder and sex positive activist Andrew Sparksfire and sex party expert and relationship coach Effy Blue. Drawing from their collective eleven years of experience attending and producing sex parties in New York City and in New Orleans, Andrew and Effy will give you the tools to throw the best sex party of your life! We will show you how to create an environment so magical that your guests will literally want to peel off their clothes at the door. We’ll go through everything it takes to be a responsible host: How to curate your guest list, how to ensure safety and comfort, how to use Guardians to eliminate the “creepy person” syndrome, how to prevent consent violations before they occur, and how to set expectations so that your guests behave in a way that maximizes the fun for everyone and minimizes the drama. We’ll have practical tips on everything from bed-to-guest ratio, managing a coat check and bar, what to stock up on and why, and how to select the best lighting, music, and décor. We’ll combine learning with hands-on exercises. Come join us and let us be your partners in creating an experience that your guests will never forget!


Educators profile David & Natalie

David & Natalie

Natalie: Having worked and moved in spiritual environments all my life and moving from religion to inner spirituality, I have an intentional passion for helping individuals explore their own journey of self-discovery through the avenue of Tantra. I am  Certified as a Tantric Educator and Coach, certified by the Authentic Tibetan Tantra LLC, Washington State. I am also trained in Hot Stone Therapy and is a Level 2 Reiki provider. I work primarily with men and couples and love witnessing change and healing, having seen this in literally hundreds of individuals and couples in both private coaching sessions as well as transformational workshops.

David: I am a Certified Tantric Educator by the Authentic Tibetan Tantra LLC in Washington State as well as a trained Level 3 Reiki provider. I have discovered the fun and expanded enjoyment that an intentional Tantric approach to sexuality can bring. Providing teaching in a number of “swinger" and other environments, as well as Tantric healing sessions that have brought spiritual and sexual healing through the use of Tantric bodywork, I love to help others find the secret to a blissful life that Tantra has opened up for me.

We have married for 27 years, and there have been some interesting times, explorations, and new discoveries along the way, we live for moments when we can share the universal principles that can help individuals and couples reach a new level of awareness and sensual fun! Teaching classes on Tantra and intentional sexuality, and guiding couples through sessions and group experiences makes life very  rewarding: for us, and hopefully for you as well! Come and meet us, say hi, and let’s discover new things together!


Intro to Tantra

While Tantra has a lot of different meanings in western society, we want to show you how it can enhance your sex life with your partner or playmate. We love the richness of what the East has brought to sexuality, but at the same time, we love making this stuff really practical and something you can use today! Especially in a swinger environment! 

With some brief overview information so we all understand the principles as well as some basic anatomy that might surprise you (focusing of course on those juicy erogenous areas!) we will present how to extend and turn up the heat in your intimate encounters. 

The sessions will include:

  • What the Tantric approach to sex is and why it’s important for modern lovers.
  • Why connection and awareness matters in your sexual experiences.
  • How to communicate, including how to ask for what you want.
  • How to keep strong as a couple.
  • Ways to pleasure each other for heightened ecstatic arousal.
  • 9 orgasmic zones on a woman and how to tap into her mind through these trigger points.
  • How to extend his pleasure and erection.
  • How to co-create magical experiences.
  • Live exercises in which you as participants can be involved.
  • Practical take-aways for you to integrate into your next lovemaking session!

Guided Tantra Session

Experience sexual union in a deep and intimate session as you are together guided through a journey of discovery and romantic awareness. Sensual music plays in the background, as Natalie guides you as a couple to connect, to touch, to feel, to surrender to your passions as you become aware of each other through various eye-gazing, breathing and hands-on intentional touch. Together you will be led in this 90 minutes of bliss into a high state of arousal. The session is between you and your partner, and as you surrender to this heightened sensuality, you may discover things about yourself and about your beloved that you never knew before! Very nude, very sensual, very erotic. Come prepared to be turned on!

Educators Profile Ying Ying


"For as long as she could remember, Ying Ying had felt that monogamy was not right for her, but she didn't know how to articulate her feelings; until she came across "The Ethical Slut" when she was 23 years old.

Ying Ying has presented on various topics at the Whistler Lifestyle Takeover the past three years, including ConsentBisexuality BiasSwinger, Open, Poly etc. At the Naughty in N'awlings 2016, she held a discussion on Bisexuality Bias in the Lifestyle, and she was part of a panel on Polyamory vs. Swinging.

She founded SOP Lifestyle Productions in 2015, with a vision to create fun, unique & sensual getaways and vacations for the open-minded & adventurous, where attendees can be comfortable exploring new things and expanding their knowledge and experiences. SOP stands for Swinger, Open, Poly, and her events are inclusive of everyone in the Lifestyle, from Swinger to Open to Poly to Kink, and more, regardless of ages, gender and backgrounds; singles, couples, triads and more are welcome!


Biases in the Lifestyle Chat
Being in the Lifestyle doesn’t automatically mean everyone is open-minded or non-judgemental. One obvious example is bisexuality bias in the Lifestyle. There is a perception in the Lifestyle, particularly in the world of swingers, that all women are assumed to be bi but all men are assumed to be straight, which meant straight women are an oddity, and bi men are shunned. Join us for an informal chat and discussion and hear other people’s experiences about biases encountered in the Lifestyle.

Consent Chat
Join us for an informal chat about Consent, both in the lifestyle and in a non-sexual context. Bring your questions, experiences and let’s have a discussion on how we can make sure everyone is comfortable talking about consent!

Swinger, Open, Poly Chat  
Join us for an informal chat on the wide spectrum of non-monogamous relationships, the different terms, how they can help you figure out what works best for you.

Educators Profile Effy Blue

Effy Blue

Relationship expert Effy Blue specializes in non-monogamy and other alternative structures, expanding her domain from the world of corporate advertising to coaching. Adding years of researching and studying relationships and human psychology to the skills she cultivated in the business world, Effy solves problems by fearlessly asking the tough questions while constructively offering thoughtful insights. She offers private coaching, leads public workshops, and builds a community of Curious Foxes.  Effy is committed to honoring individual preferences through her model Relationship by Design. Without the pre-packaged constructs that help us navigate monogamy, open relationships lend themselves to flexibility so that we can custom craft them from the bottom up. Through the building process, Effy offers techniques that help her clients treat their partners and themselves with humility, kindness, and grace.

Effy Blue at Naughty in Nawlins

Play Party Etiquette

Curious about sex parties? You’re invited to our Play Party Etiquette Workshop, led by sex party expert Effy Blue, a relationship coach specializing in ethical non-monogamy. This popular workshop has been featured in Nylon, Cosmo, Refinery 29, and Thrillist! We will explore a culture that celebrates sex positivity, body positivity, enthusiastic consent, and self-expression. We’ll go over all of the questions dancing in your head. How do I find a party? How do I prepare? What do I wear? What about hygiene and sexual health? What do I talk about? What do I do with my hands? Time to find out. We encourage curiosity and combine learning with hands-on exercises. Come join us as we demystify the exciting world of sex parties!

Sex Toy Review: The OVO R1

Hey, naughty people! We are back again with a new toy and a new experience. We once more visited the lovely Le Sex Shoppe located on the corner of Canal and North Anthony Street in Mid-City. The shop is now managed by the wonderful Rochelle who is just as knowledgeable and friendly as the previous manager. 

The product we were given was the OVO R1 a two part remote controlled vibrator recommended for couples play. OVO is a German brand known for winning awards on pretty much all of their products. The OVO R1 is uniquely special because not only does the vibrator vibrate (obviously) but so does the remote control.



We took the R1 home got freaky and this is what we found: 



The R1 literally can be used in a multitude of ways. You think it, you can probably do it. We personally don't like getting off with vibrators so we used it for foreplay. We used the R1 on my nipples, my thighs, and my clit while my girlfriend fingered me. The vibrator also has a handle so it can be inserted internally. Solo, I used the vibrator vaginally while I ran the remote (which also vibrates) over my clit. If you're into some dominating play, your partner can tell you what to do with the vibrator you hold while they control the intensity with the remote. You can individually use the vibrators, so masturbation simultaneously is an option.  Since you are technically handling two vibrators, if one dies, the play doesn't have to end! The uses are endless. These are just a few we personally tried. 



The R1 comes with a tiny instruction manual that has no words and which I, honestly, couldn't understand just by looking at the pictures. Thankfully, other people have reviewed the R1 before me and if it wasn't for their knowledge I wouldn't have even known how to turn them both on. My girlfriend and I went into the bedroom all hot and heavy and were crushed because we spent a frustrating amount of time trying to figure out how to even work the damn thing. So here, we did the hard work. We are going to list some instructions. Hope this helps. 


The remote which is the device with the two arrows that looks like this:  


is turned on by pushing down the arrow key. Once the light underneath comes on, release, then push again. This will start the vibrations. 

The separate vibrator which looks like this: 



turns on by obviously clicking the power button but won't begin vibrating unless the remote is turned on. 

Now as for the next steps, I have no idea. What I know is that the vibration frequency and intensity can be changed as well as the frequency and intensity on the remote. How to exactly do that? Who knows. I assumed the + and - keys would control the intensity, but sometimes when I used them, they would also control the frequency. We just pushed buttons until we found something we were happy with using. We suggest you do the same. 



Overall, the OVO R1 is versatile, fun, and reliable- that is if you can figure out how to work it.  


Keep coming back to read more reviews. We will be here testing all sorts of products. (We know. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.) Le Sex Shoppe will be at Naughty in New Orleans. Come see us, and, as always, come get your kink on.  


All my love,  




Sex Toy Review: The Zoro

Hello, you wonderful kinky people. My name is Devin, and I've been given a wonderful opportunity to write to you my review of sex toys. What a life, right?



Just a little about me- I'm a southern native (pictured on the right). I live in New Orleans with my beautiful girlfriend (she's on the left), and I'm down to try anything new. Especially sex related. In my experience, experimenting sexually has only enriched my life. Luckily, my girlfriend agrees which is needed if we are going to be giving all sorts of stuff a try- at least the toys that take two to tango.


Which brings us to our first product. The Zoro by Perfect Fit- a silicone strap-on system. System because it is essential a harness and dildo in one. There is no need to buy additional parts. You literally strap it on and are ready to go!




We received the Zoro through Le Sex Shoppe located on Canal Street in Mid-City. The shop is managed by a magnificent, beautiful woman named JJ who is quite informed on the products she chooses to have there. Zoro, she told us, has to meet European requirements which are stricter than American requirements when it comes to toys. The laundry list of things European toys have to meet is too much to list here but just know that if it's going inside you, you are in good hands.


There are some interesting features about the Zoro which you don't see in other strap-ons.  The inside is hollow so that you could put a vibrator inside it, if you so desire. There is also an opening located at the bottom so your goods can be exposed. For men, this means double penetration is doable. You now get to have two phalluses. Yay! We, though, are two women which means that “supposedly” our lady parts will be exposed. At first, I was thrilled about this part. This meant I could touch my girlfriend while she fucked me- a new option in the world of strap-ons.


We went home, got freaky with the Zoro, and this is what we found:


The Positives


This particular strap-on is honestly one of the best we have used in terms of mobility. As it advertises, it really does help you move energy from the pelvis. The Zoro definitely does feel like it is a part of you. My girlfriend originally thought the straps would be uncomfortable. It is basically a thong and must go up your ass, but she admitted that it didn't feel bad at all.  We experimented using the vibrator inside it, and I personally loved it. The opening Zoro provided exposed everything on my girlfriend and I was able to finger her during the process. All these things we both really loved. If you are into butt play, which I happen to like, then I think you'll really love the Zoro. I'm not an expert in no means when it comes to having anything large inserted into me anally, but this was perfect.


The Negatives 


The only complaint my girlfriend seemed to have was the small rounded circle located in the inside of the strap-on. I assume it is there to help it sit better, but we are all anatomically different. She found that it was slightly uncomfortable. She could overlook it, but it wasn't ideal. When I tried it on, I found that where her vaginal opening, clit, and labia were exposed, only my clit could be seen. So the Zoro, when it comes to women, will expose different parts of the vagina depending on your anatomy. My girlfriend is the one usually wearing the strap-ons so it wasn't an issue necessarily for us, but I think it's important to mention that finger play will not be an option for everyone. My only issue with the Zoro was its external build. The phallus shaped part of it is pretty much the same width from start to finish. If you cum internally like I do, then holding on to it with your pelvic muscles can be a little difficult. It was harder for me to cum with the Zoro. A Kegel workout is what I got instead.


To sum it up, we loved how attached the Zoro is to the pelvis. Anatomically, it works for us. It may not work for you. Vaginal penetration, I wasn’t as pleased. Anal penetration, it's a thumbs up.


We’ll be using the Zoro in this household. We recommend it for yours, but more so we recommend visiting Le Sex Shopee. JJ’s knowledge on her products is refreshing and exciting. They will also be at Naughty New Orleans this year, so come see us and get your kink on. You won't be disappointed. 

The Ass Man

Shortly after moving to NYC, we heard about a club near Wall St. We’d never been to a swinger club before but we had heard good things about it from a few of our friends, so we decided to give it a try. When we entered the club, there were two couples checking in ahead of us. Both looked very professional and were nice looking. “This might not be so bad after all”, I thought. We paid the cover charge and checked in. Since we were new, we were given a tour of the club.

During the day, this place was an Italian restaurant, then on Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant was converted to one of Manhattan’s most popular “swing” clubs. The main social area was usually the dining room, but most of the tables had now been removed in order to create a small dance floor. Through another door we found a small buffet and the bathrooms. Down a hall, there was a pool table and further on, in the back of the restaurant, there were a number of booths. It was very dark back there and I wondered why they were showing us this area at all, because it looked like it was closed. Anyway, we decided to head back to the main social area.

We found a table near the dance floor and we sat, we watched, we danced, we drank and we had a great night. Another couple we knew met up with us at the club later that night. They sat with us and introduced us to a few other couples. Everyone was so friendly that we quickly felt right at home.

Around midnight, I started getting the munchies so I decided to get some food. While picking at the buffet, I noticed a few couples heading to the back area of the restaurant that I thought was closed. After grabbing a small plate I followed to see what was going on. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see. It took me a few minutes for my eyes to adjust but I quickly figured out why it was kept so dark back there… This was where everyone came at the end of the night for sex. Lot’s of sex.

I had never seen anything like this before when I realized I was the only guy without a partner, worse yet, I was standing in the doorway staring, holding a heaping plate full of food. Whoops!

I quickly headed back to our table. My wife asked me about the food at the buffet. “Forget the food,” I said, “you gotta see the back room!”.

“Yeah, it’s about the time things get crazy back there.”, said our friend. Why hadn’t they told us about this before!? I felt like we just stumbled onto a big secret. It was the first time I’d ever seen an orgy… And I was ready to see more!

We all headed back to the dark room at the end of the hall and found an empty booth. A cute couple saw us watching them play in the next booth. So the girl leaned over the cushioned divider into our booth and her partner got behind her. We had been to many house parties and we had experience playing with other singles and couples, but we always knew them. This couple was complete strangers… and they were now leaning into our world and they were “doing it!”. One of our friends reached up and started playing with her breasts through her shirt. After a minute or two, the girl pulled off her top and her bra up so they could have easier boobie access… “This is so freakin’ cool!”, I thought to myself.

We got up and walked around to get a better view. We started looking around so we could see everything that was going on… and believe me, there was a lot going on. My wife started unbuckling my pants and it wasn’t long before I had her bent over one of the booth’s tables.

I contemplated for a moment, that hours from now, customers would be eating lunch in these very same booths, oblivious that just hours before, 100 people were having sex all over the furniture.

We never had sex with anyone else that night, but quite a few sexy people rubbed up against us, and we returned the favor. It was very sexy. In fact, it might have been one of the most unexpectedly sexy nights of our lives. We really wanted to do it again.

Six weeks later we went back to the club. We had big smiles on our faces as we signed in and hung up our coats. We didn’t need a tour this time, we knew the deal. We were keepers of the secret. The night went on very similar to last time. Dancing, drinking, eating (this time, I hit the buffet a little earlier) and then we headed to the back to the “secret” room.

We started out, much like the previous adventure, finding a booth and lots of hands going everywhere. Just when we were about to have some fun, a really cute couple came over and sat next to us.

“We noticed you the last time you were here”, they said. I couldn’t believe that this really hot couple actually remembered us from six weeks ago! “I’d really like to play with you.”, the girl said directly to me. I was on top of the world! She wanted me! I must have been doing something right. I never expected to get this lucky. My confidence had never been so high!… Then her husband explained:

“You see, my wife has always wanted to try anal sex, but my cock is way too big so we’ve never been able to do it. Then we saw you and we thought you would probably fit.”

What?… In that instant my confidence went from an all time high to a record low. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! Two complete strangers were sitting here telling me that they’d noticed that I had a small dick! It was every man’s worst nightmare!… Or was it?I was just about ready to let my male insecurities get the best of me and run home crying, when it suddenly dawned on me…

“Wait a second… This unbelievably hot woman is asking me to fuck her in the ass!”

So what if it’s because I have an “average” sized cock? Could I live with that?… You bet her ass I could! In fact, now that I’d thought about it, I actually felt sorry for her husband. There’s no telling how much ass he’s missing out on because of his inconveniently huge penis. Poor guy. This was my duty, I had to help this couple. It was like I’d be doing community service… in a hot girl’s ass.

I guess her husband could tell that I was mentally struggling with the situation because he suggested that his wife give me a blow job. I have to admit, when trying to convince a man to have anal sex with your wife, playing the “blow job card” is a rather brilliant strategy indeed.

It wasn’t long before this beautiful woman was completely naked, lying on her back on the table in our booth. Her husband moved aside all of the condiments (salt, pepper, sugar packets, ketchup) so she could lie all the way down (now that’s a good husband). My wife and the girl’s husband sat on opposite sides of the table so they could take turns rubbing her breasts and kissing her while I concentrated on the bottom half.

She pulled her legs back and I lubed up, ready to go where no man had ever gone before. It was time to do the job that mother nature had had the foresight to build me for… It was time to fuck some ass! I had start very slowly and take my time, but wasn’t long before we had worked up to a pretty amazing pace. A crowd started gathering around us. Somehow they sensed that something special was going on and we became the most popular attraction of the night.

When we went home, we talked about the ass-perience over and over again. We couldn’t wait to go back. But, due to being young and fairly broke at the time, we didn’t return until about two months later.

After eating, drinking, dancing and flirting, we made our way to the club’s back room for our 3rd time. On the way down the hall an excited and apparently star-struck stranger stopped me and exclaimed,”Hey, aren’t you the Ass Man!?”

“Why yes.”, I said, striking my best Superman pose, “Yes I am.”