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We want to recognize the people that have helped French Connection Events become such a success. In order to be considered an "Ambassador" you must have attended at least 2 of our events. Our Ambassadors help us spread the word about our event through e-mails, word of mouth and by passing out our flyers. We value the input from our Ambassadors, which help us to continually improve our event.

Unlike some conventions that use their attendees to work up to 8 hours a day, our Ambassadors are only asked to spread the word about their favorite event and come and have the time of their lives.

In return, we give our Ambassadors a discount, we have a special reception at the convention, we issue a special name badge to identify Ambassadors and we give them special preferential seating at our dinners and dances (Ambassadors get a "reserved" nameplate in their welcome packet and can pick out a table place before we open for dinner).

To become an Ambassador, you must apply each year. To apply, simply fill out the form below telling us why you would make a great Ambassador and for which event. Events attended, previous support and previous Ambassadors will be given special consideration.

Applications must be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the event.




While our Ambassadors offer us a "Grassroots" way to spread the word about our events, we still need help putting an event on. No major event would be worthwhile without a dedicated staff of volunteers.

We are always looking for people to help us with security, checking in people at our registration desk and of course decorating (set up and tear down).

By volunteering, you will get the chance to work with a very professional and dedicated team. You will get a lot of satisfaction when you see the completed vision take shape and the smiles spread across the faces of the attendees. We also offer compensation based on performance up to the entire cost of our convention package (a $600 value).

So, if you like helping out at your local club, you'd love to attend but funds are short or you know someone that would be just perfect for the job, contact us and let's get to work.

We are constantly rotating volunteers. While it is a lot of fun to put on these events, people do get burned out and we want a fresh, dedicated and self motivated team. If you are looking for a free ride, look elsewhere. If you want to help put on the best events in the country, then fill out the form below and tell us why you want to be a Volunteer!

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Our Buisness

French Connection Events started in 1997 and grew out of small monthly house parties in New Orleans. When our parties grew to the point that they were drawing over 75 couples (at our home), we knew we had to find a larger venue. We moved our house party to a restaurnt in the French Quarter (in Jax Brewery) and we started advertising on the web. As our parties grew in size and frequency, people from all over the country started attending.


Finally in 1999, our 1st convention, N'awlins in November, was born. Located by the New Orleans airport, almost 180 couples attended that 1st weekend. Our concept of taking over an entire hotel was a big hit and everyone that attended had a great time. Eventually, the event would move downtown, onto Bourbon St, and swell to over 1,000 couples (that's over 2,000 people!). The city would actually shut off Bourbon St for us and we hosted our 1st ever Mardi Gras Parade in 2003.

We (Tess & Bob) have produced conventions in New Orleans, Miami, Key West, Chicago & Las Vegas and hosted group trips to Amsterdam, the Mediterranean, Thailand, Jamaica & Mexico and founded Couples Cruise in 2006.

Our Passion

Bob served on the Board of Directors for the National Coalition For Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and he urges you to visit the NCSF website and become a member. This is the most important organization that is currently working to protect your rights and ensure your freedom to attend events and to explore your sexual freedom. Your contributions are greatly needed

Besides each other, our passions are music, art (Bob draws & paints and Tess loves photography) and travel. We hope you will join us on one of our adventures...

In addition to providing couples with 1st class events, we are very devoted to advocacy and legal issues in this lifestyle. We have been on many boards, advisory councils and have befriended many other lifestyle business owners in an attempt to bring higher standards and more professionalism to our industry.

Our Lives

We have been partners in life and business for over 32 years. We met while in college (in Atlanta) and have been together ever since. Tess is the first girl Bob ever kissed in his whole life (and he certainly is glad that he did!). That kiss took a great friendship and helped turn it into a lifetime relationship. We split our time between our home in the French Quarter of New Orleans and traveling to promote our events and travel.


Is the hotel on Bourbon St?

Yes, we take over the entire Astor Crowne Plaza, on the corner of Bourbon St and Canal Street. There is a 4 night minimum to stay at this hotel. We have another complete takeover at an overflow hotel (the Saint Hotel), for those wishing to stay only 3 nights.

Is this a complete hotel takeover?

Yes. We have every single room at the 700 room Astor Hotel from Wednesday, July 5th, through Sunday, July 9th. We have all of the rooms at the Saint Hotel Thusday, July 6th through Sunday, July 9th.

I don’t want to go to the seminars, can I just buy a package for the night time theme parties?

No. That would be like calling up Hedo and saying “We want to come, but we really don’t plan on using the Piano Bar or the rock climbing wall, so could we come for a discount”. Or going on a Couples Cruise and wanting to sign up for only the night time activities, but have access to the entire ship during the day.

Trust us, you will have a blast and you will be glad that you signed up for a full package, once you experience the largest and most elaborate lifestyle event in the country.

You can if you want… but we have daytime private parties at over 15 different Bourbon St bars, strip clubs and saloons. These events are some of the best parts of Naughty in N’awlins and can only be attended if you buy a package.

Every year people come to New Orleans during our event in order to meet people that are coming in for the event, but they want to stay at another hotel and they don’t want to pay for the package. Every year, they are standing outside as 1,000 people walk by and head into these private parties or they stand on Bourbon St., looking up at our balcony with hundreds of people partying at our themed balls wishing they had just signed up for the event because they cannot get into the hotel.

They even make plans online through Kasidie, Lifestyle Lounge, SLS or one of the other popular sites to meet people at this or that bar, only to show up and not be able to recognize anyone or get stood up because people heard there was a party at another bar or the couple decided to take a class or attend one of the private parties.

Trust us, it’s a lot better to be on the inside. With over 2,000 sexy people, entertainment, dancers, elaborate productions, sexy hospitality floor and much more… than end up standing out on the street, getting poked in the ribs by your partner who says “I told you we should have signed up for the event".

What if we just come and stay at another hotel and just meet people that are in town for the convention?

Yes. If people didn’t stay at our hotel, we wouldn’t be able to throw a massive party like this. Other events allow you to stay anywhere and the host hotel will have you mixed in with families, church groups, college frat brothers on a New Orleans binge… you get the picture.

We offer an experience that no one can match. You can walk in nothing but a robe (or sexy lingerie) down the hall to your friends room without worrying about who will see you (no you can’t walk around butt naked- you have to wear something). You can go to and from our hospitality floor and our themed balls without running into anyone except other attendees.

Are you required to stay at the host hotel?

No... and yes. There will be "swingers" at our convention, there will also be nudists, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, church-goers, fetish and BDSM'ers, polyamorists, voyeurs, exhibitionists and much more. We are more than just a "swingers" convention- we market to any couples that are open minded, not offended by sexual expression and like to have fun. Still have questions? Call us at (800) 304-4493 and we'll answer them.

Is this a "Swingers" convention?

A 5 day/4 night, "hotel takeover", alternative lifestyle convention. It is a gathering of open minded couples who are all interested in exploring their sexuality and want to visit one of the sexiest cities in America: New Orleans.

What is Naughty in N'awlins?

We only have two packages available:

Package A. Wednesday to Sunday Convention Package NO dinner - $625.00 per couple.

Package Prices includes dances, contests, entertainment, seminars and hospitality floor. Does not include dinner.

Package B. Thursday to Sunday Convention Package NO dinner - $575.00 per couple

Package Prices includes dances, contests, entertainment, seminars and hospitality floor. Does not include dinner - there are plenty of great places to eat in the French Quarter.

The packages includes all of the convention activities including: all seminars, professional entertainers, demonstrations, themed dance parties every night, bands, drawings, contests, private parties at 5 different Bourbon Street clubs, an Erotic Marketplace, access to our hospitality suites. Couples purchasing package A will also include the welcome reception, Bourbon St Parade, balcony party & night at Colette's.

How much is it?

Who will attend?

Couples from all walks of life, age (over 21), profession, religion, race etc. are welcome. From the "just curious" to the most experienced couple- N'awlins offers something for everyone. The average couple have been together for 10 years, travel often, average 35-48 and are professionals.

Expect to have fun! You’re in New Orleans, on Bourbon St- if you can’t have fun at this event, you can’t have fun anywhere.

What can we expect?

What's not included in the package?

Hotel rooms are billed separately and are $160 per night and up. Food, drinks & incidentals, other than noted above, are not included.

Of course not. The universal rule is "No means No!" You are free to participate as much or as little as you wish. If you have any problems with anyone at our event, please notify someone from our staff.

Do I have to participate in anything I do not wish too?

We expect over 1000 couples (that's over 2,000 people!). We are the largest convention of our kind, but we are still small enough where you don't get "lost in the crowd" and you'll get a chance to meet almost everyone in attendance.

How many people do you expect?

We have three themed dances, including the traditional Mardi Gras Ball. Our schedule page will post examples of suggested fashions for these parties. Sexy more formal dress is usually the standard for dinner. Can't find the perfect outfit? Try the Erotic Marketplace for a great selection of fabulous fashions. Comfortable & casual clothes are best suited for exploring New Orleans and mingling during the day. The average weather in summer is between 71F - 89F.

What do we wear?

Of Course Not. You are free to enjoy any particular activity in the privacy of your room. No sexual activities may take place in the public areas of the hotel. Also, there is no nudity allowed in the public areas, including the pool, balconies or elevator.

Can we get naked and have sex in the halls?

What about flashing?

New Orleans is well known for Mardi Gras and a liberal amount of "flashing". Here's what we've found to be true: If you flash someone quickly, you can have fun, act out a fantasy and not have to worry about getting into trouble.

You will get into trouble for:

1. Taking your top completely off (note the word "flash" in "flashing"). 
2. Dropping your pants (men or women)- this is the quickest way to get into trouble. 
3. Flashing during the daylight or in the view of minors. Discretion is the key. What might be O.K. at night on Bourbon Street will not be tolerated in broad daylight in front of the aquarium.

Use your common sense. Have fun, enjoy yourselves but be responsible for your actions.

1. You click on the "Book Now" button (below).
2. Or, you can call (toll-free 1-800-304-4493) and we will take your registration information over the phone.

How do we register?

French Connection Events is one of the leading lifestyle event planners in the country. With over 40, Hotel & Resort Takeovers, Bob & Tess know what their customers want... and they deliver. Bob & Tess are also the owners of Couples Cruise, the leader in clothing optional cruises.

Who is putting on this event?

How do we get there?

There are 2 choices for getting to our hotel: take a taxi or a shuttle bus. The shuttle is $20 per person ($40 per couple) and you will have to stop at other hotels on your way to our hotel. A taxi is $36 per couple and they go right to the hotel (our choice!). If you are coming with friends or you see someone else going to the convention (come on, you know you can spot 'em), take a taxi van and save even more money. The more that go, the cheaper it is.

We are centrally located on the corner  of Bourbon St. & Canal St. so we do not recommend renting a car (plus, parking is expensive and hard to find downtown). If you are driving in, our hotel does have valet parking. It isn't cheap, but they give you in and out privileges, so it is convenient.

If you have any questions not covered here, please call us at 800-304-4493 or e-mail us at and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. See you in N’awlins!

Bob Hannaford
French Connection Events
700 Bartholomew St
New Orleans, LA 70117
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